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Introducing Cialis® Together.

Enjoy intimacy with your partner for up to 36 hours when sexually aroused

It's the first and only non-prescription pill to treat erection difficulties for up to a day and a half.* Cialis® Together will help you respond naturally to your partner, only when turned on.

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More time than other Erectile Dysfunction (ED) be spontaneous

Now, you have time to relax. Cialis® Together helps you get and keep erections whenever you’re sexually aroused for up to 36hr window. Erections won’t last 36hrs – Cialis® Together only works when you’re stimulated.

Compared with sildenafil.

Cialis® Together is now available without a prescription

+20 years

The active ingredient in Cialis® Together, tadalafil, has been prescribed for over 20 years.1

84 million men

Tadalafil, the active ingredient in Cialis® Together, has been trusted by 84 million men worldwide.

1. Data on file

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Be spontaneous with
Cialis® Together

Cialis® Together helps your body respond naturally to your partner with an erection when you’re turned on – so you can choose when the moment is right for both of you.

Cialis® Together works by relaxing blood vessels that allow blood to flow to your penis.


How Cialis® Together works

Up to 36 hours to spice things up

Go ahead…be spontaneous. There’s time to play, be intimate, and try something new. Want to mix it up? Try one of these ideas tonight. Or perhaps tomorrow morning. Could be your lucky day…and a half.

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