Sex means different things to everyone and that's ok

Communication and Connection

It’s about communication to drive connection. We believe in enabling communication and intimacy – talking, touching, playing in all its forms – and in fostering an open dialogue around complex, shame, performance, expectation vs reality, what we like or dislike in intimate moments, and other conversations that are hard to talk about.


It’s about exploration not performance. We believe in abolishing unrealistic expectations around sexual performance and that sex should be an experience that is real, positive and playful for all.


It’s about inclusivity, whatever your pleasure is. We believe everyone enjoys sex in their own way and we are inclusive of all types of love.

Health in your hands

Helping people help themselves

At Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi, we’re building a healthier future by helping people help themselves. 

We empower people to champion better self-care for themselves, their communities and our planet, through our consumer-inspired, science-based products and solutions. 

Through our brands, we elevate creativity and make health as simple as it should be, helping more people play an active role in their health. 

This is accelerating us towards our vision of becoming the best Fast Moving Consumer Healthcare (FMCH) in – and for – the world. 

We all have our part to play.


At Consumer Healthcare at Sanofi, we believe that enabling better self-care helps to build healthier communities and a healthier planet.

Healthier communities:

  • We aim to empower global self-care through campaigns about prevention, awareness, and diagnosis of conditions as well as the responsible use of medicines
  • We proudly offer our purpose-led brands to global communities and work to expand access to medicines through partnerships with non-profit organisations (NGOs)
  • We instill a culture of diversity and inclusion within our company through hiring practices and training and reflect this to the world in our work

Healthier planet:

  • We set rigorous climate action goals towards net zero across our business and supply chain such as sourcing 100% renewable electricity at our manufacturing sites
  • We are addressing waste reduction throughout our value chain including drastic reduction in printed materials and using recycled materials at the point of sale – our sites will be landfill-free by 2025
  • We protect natural ecosystems by reducing emissions, water withdrawals, and using responsibly sourced, low-impact ingredients